More pen brush/moleskin sketches, since I’m stuck trying to get my translation contract emended before I sign it. Plus a look at my workspace (= my family cabin) of the last couple months, w/ the stove my dad and I just removed (we are reinstalling the stove my grandparents had there before I was born, which was, funny enough, more efficient and less smoky).

All of these are real quick (nothing more than 2-3 minutes, I think…). Top one is a quick comic about my hair cut that I got this evening (shorter than expected… but then again, I’ve been thinning up there for a while too). Next is a sketch that just turned into a woman against a windowframe. I like the overall effect, may try to photoshop it into something respectable. And I am gearing up to FINALLY watch the new Thor movie, since I AM a Norse mythologist and plan on writing a blog post about it all—but yeah, I think he turned out slightly lopsided. And then another dark-haired girl (though they are not the only girls I draw, as you can see in my last sketch post…).

And as always, I need more followers! Tumblr, DeviantArt, Wordpress, Redbubble!!!